Weekend events

This weekend, you have the First Division Sailing, Bohemian Universe, Depth and Tintelfris festival 2017. Read below more about the events.

First Division Sailing 29 and 30 of July, 08.00 – 18.00 free entrance

The Dutch First Division Sailing is known to announce sixteen associations participating in the First Division Sailing 2017. Among them is the titleholder Almere Central. Newcomer is the International Yacht Club Amsterdam.

You can follow them online. The First Division is live and live online with live images on You Tube, enriched with animations and provided with expert comments. Visitors who are physically present can easily experience the race with expert comments. The club that win the race can call themselves a national champion and will represent the Netherlands in the global Sailing Champion League. The numbers 2 and 3 of the First Division can also be placed through preliminaries for the Sailing Champions League. For more info check out the below link.

Eredivisie zeilen/ First Division Sailing

Location: Scheveningen Haven, Dr. Lelykade, 2583 CM

Bohemian Universe 29 of July 12.00 – 02.30, only Full Moon tickets are available

Bohemian Universe is a new festival inspired by the powers of nature. They create a day and night full of inspirational speakers, workshops, good food, mind-blowing music and many eye-openers. They communicate the most important announcements based on the moon phases.

Location: Naturel Beachclub,  Zwarte pad 2 in Scheveningen.

For more info, see the below link.

Bohemian Universe

Depth at PIP Den Haag, 29 of July, 23.00 – 05.00 hrs. age only 18 years and older. Ticket cost 7 euros

Depth is a techno dance concept. Click on here for more info about Depth.

Location: PIP Den Haag, Binckhorstlaan 36 in the Hague.

2nd edition of Tintelfris festival 2017 at Zuiderpark in the Hague, 30 of July 15.00 -23.00 hrs. Only tickets of phase 3 of 15 euros available.

On sunday July 30, The Tintelfris festival takes place at the Zuiderpark in The Hague. This young concept promises to be the most cozy House, Urban, Latin and R&B festival in the region of the Hague. The festival which takes place this year will be with new graphic designs and a new concept. The Tintelfris festival 2017 becomes bigger than the previous edition. Both stage 1 abd phase 2 of ticket sale were sold out in a matter of time. At this moment there are phase 3 tickets of 15 euro each available.

Click on here for more info about the Tintelfris festival



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