Photos – Summer Events impressions

Photos – Summer Events impressions. We made photos of the Summer Events that took place in the weekend of 22-23 July 2017; the NK Beach Soccer, What The Fork?!? Indoor Foodtruckfestival and Submarine Festival. You can watch the photos here. Enjoy!

NK Beach Soccer at The Hague Beach Stadium in Scheveningen.

7816 den haag voetbal507850 Den Haag voetbal507819 den haag voetbal50IMG-20170723-WA00187830 den haag voetbal507880 Den Haag voetbal507875 Den Haag voetbal50IMG-20170723-WA00227886 Den Haag voetbal50


What The Fork?!? Foodtruckfestival at Pier Scheveningen.



Submarine festival at Bink36 terrain.

8059 Bink3650IMG-20170723-WA0002IMG-20170723-WA0007IMG-20170723-WA0005IMG-20170723-WA0006IMG-20170723-WA00048068 Bink36508066 Bink36508076 Bink36508079 Bink3650




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