Thai Signature – Kanida Satarpornjittakun

Let us introduce to you: Kanida Satarpornjittakun. Kanida is the proud owner of Thai restaurant Thai Singature, located in the culinair heart of The Hague between the Grote Kerk, Palace Noordeinde and the Peace Palace. Kanida is born in Trang, Thailand and as a very successful entrepreneur with fifteen years of great experience in the culinary industry, she now runs her own restaurant Thai Signature, where she can receive her guests at this perfect location.

7618 Kanidas kitchen100px


The kitchen is named after its owner: Kanida’s Kitchen.

The kitchen view is totally transparent, so you can see how all the delicious Thai meals are freshly made, before they are served on your table.


We were very curious about the Thai food in this restaurant, so we decided to give it a try. Many people must have known this place already, but for us it was the first time, so here we go.

As a welcome starter, they served us Mieng Kham, a traditional snack from Thailand.

7628 Mieng Kam100


Mieng Kham is chicken wrapped in salad leaves filled with fish sauce, ginger, lime, peanuts, onions and other ingredients. You can eat it in one or two bites and it is a real explosion of tastes in your mouth!


The menu. There are so many choices, that it’s very hard to choose which dish to pick. Luckily the waiters and waitresses are very friendly and they will help you and give you advice of which combinations are best. You can also ask Kanida herself, she’s the expert and she’s there too, to give you a very pleasant experience.

7647 groepstafel100px
7638 coquilles100px


Hoi with Nam Prik Pauw pepperpepper

Coquilles with spicy Thai chili paste, coconut milk (or without coconut milk).


7644 Zeebaars100px


Pla with Paneng pepper

Whole White Snapper, steamed, with Thai red curry with coconut milk and basil leaf.



We had a very good experience having dinner in this Thai restaurant and the dishes are very delightful! Ofcourse you have to taste it for yourself, so if you’re in The Hague, you should definitely eat at restaurant Thai Signature!

7651 Reastaurant buiten100px

Prinsestraat 106/110
2513 CH Den Haag
070 514 79 38 of 06-20 60 55 69

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